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Our Mission:

We believe that globalisation under fair conditions is possible & necessary.

We’re driven to achieve this ambitious goal by our vision for a fairer and more human version of international trade. We will not abandon our values and will always respect the environmental, economic and social impacts of our project.

To enable us to compete with unfair and unsustainable mass production, we’re removing unnecessary costs while still ensuring the fair distribution of all proceeds. After all, where is the value of a zero waste product designed to help the environment, if the people involved in its production don’t have the means to escape poverty and achieve a greener, more sustainable lifestyle for themselves as well?

It’s our main goal to source & create sustainable products in Vietnam, to make them available to the European and worldwide market. Our team is involved in every step of product development – from initial design, manufacturer sourcing, production, quality control, shipping and customs, right through to final distribution in Europe and the whole world. The result? High quality products from Vietnam with short delivery times from our German fulfillment center. Thanks to our fulltime presence & network in Vietnam we were able to remove the traditional middlemen by managing each step ourselves – That’s why we can confidently promise competitive pricing without losing our integrity. 

Team Vietnam:

Agnes - Export, Logitics & QM

Agnes - Export, Logistics & QM

Duy - Sales & Marketing Vietnam

Duy - Sales & Marketing Vietnam
Sven - Founder (Sourcing & Networking Vietnam)

Sven - Founder
(Sourcing & Networking Vietnam)

Team Europe:

Carsten - Co-Founder
(Sales & CRM)

Carsten - Co-Founder (Sales & CRM)